Microneedling Pen Course


Amazing Benefits of Microneedling
Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. No one wants to look
older than they are. …
Scar treatment. …
Sun damage. …
Anti-aging. …
Shrinks pores. …
Improves the effectiveness of topical products. …
Fights stretch marks. …
Rosacea reduction.


All our courses are broken down into 2 sections. Theory will be sent to you to complete at
home upon you signing up for the course. Then followed by practical days at the clinic in
You will be required to achieve a minimum of 85% on your theory work before you can take
part in the practical side.
This course requires you to be NVQ level 3 beauty or equivalent (Anatomy and Physiology)
The course is accredited by the CPD Excellence

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